everyone's entitled to their own opinion


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Apr 7, 2009
i just happen to come across this post... i dunno how you guys are gonna find it, but i do think it's a "brave";) offer. anyways, as the thread title says, "everyone's entitled to their own opinion". just sharing!:)

equipment Type: DSLR
Equipment Brand: Nikon
Equipment Model: WTT D5000 for D90 Body Only
Price (S$): See inside
Looking to trade D5000 body for D90 body.

My D5000 was bought in march 2010, so has 6+3 nikon warranty PLUS Harvey Norman Extended Warranty.

Have full package with all boxes, Travor battery grip and extra battery. No user marks. like-new condition.

Looking at those who are thinking of getting a smaller body.

Extended warranty + batt grip already cost me $300. body itself ~$680. So you are looking at a trade value of ~$980.

D90 should have at least 6 mths of warranty left and in similar condition to my D5000.

More willing to do 1 to 1 exchange rather than with a top up. But if you can provide justified reasons, can negotiate. Provide me with your asking top up price together with the reasons.

If i never reply within the day it means i consider your offer not to my liking.


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