ethics? professionalism?

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Nov 28, 2007
Escaped from Gotham Asylum
I know the topic of ethics has been discussed to the death here in CS, but in this case I am not talking about the circumstances under which a certain photo is taken or whether or not it is right for a photo to undergo PS.

In light of the events here in CS in 2008, seeing that it is 2009 now (though it does not feel any different), with the likes of Mr Easter Bunny, not to mention Ms TNP herself, whom I believe is still lurking around and the whole world is still waiting for an apology from her and the appearance by the months between March and June, they have been wantonly thrashing people left, right and centre causing a lot of strife between members to which I am too guilty of. For that I sincerely apologise here for any form of comments that I have made, which may and have inadvertently offended some people.

How will you define then your ethics and professionalism as a photographer? Or are the two mutually exclusive from one another? What are the things that you will do when you are taking a picture or when you are doing a critique? While I believe that there are limits as to what one can say on an open forum without offense, even though some will look at it differently; attacks on personal integrity, character and upbringing notwithstanding, what exactly is a good and professional critique?

And even as amateurs, how do you define one's professionalism in the field of photography? And for that question as an amateur be it a serious one or not, are there any ethics that you will uphold be it personal or known in the field?

Just will like to know for consideration and views. :sweat:

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