ephotozine reviews the Pentax Kr


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Jul 23, 2007

A very positive review. :thumbsup:

Summary :

Pentax K-r: Verdict
We have a well made, fully specified, compact and efficient camera in the Pentax K-r. It is attractive in appearance and handles beautifully. It can hold its head high in the company of higher priced rivals from the main manufacturers and also offers advantages in image quality, lens quality and extensive backwards compatibility. The excellent near-infra-red performance will please some buyers, as will the multiple power source options.

The lens is excellent and gives a tempting introduction to the qualities of the rest of the range. Only weatherproofing is missing, but that would not make a better performing camera.

I have no doubt that the K-r is a worthy contender for our cash. For existing Pentax users there is no better option at this price level, for those new to Pentax I firmly believe they will be impressed. For those considering an EVF DSLR then a consideration here is that the K-r is not really that much more bulky and it does offer much better battery life, a superb optical viewfinder and a much wider choice of lenses.

The conclusion is that Pentax have a new and exciting product here that offers excellent performance and is very well priced to compete in the marketplace. Highly recommended.

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