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Jul 23, 2007
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Pentax K-S2 Verdict
It must be said that the K-S1 was a very attractive proposition, being a lovely camera to use and it came out of my review highly recommended. But the K-S2 tops that, without a doubt, proving that anything can be improved, no matter how well thought out. The K-S2 is highly impressive and performs flawlessly.

I immediately liked its predecessor, but the K-S2 manages to top that, fitting the hands like a glove and performing superbly in every respect. In many ways I prefer this design to the more expensive K-3, although we have to recognise that there are still some advantages to the more expensive model. In its class, the enthusiast-orientated K-S2 is absolutely superb, and I would very happily use one for the photography I do.

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