Empowered Beauty Photographic Workshop by Tony Ryan (29 Aug 2010)

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Empowered Beauty Photographic Workshop by Tony Ryan

on 29 August 2010 @0900 - 1700 hrs

Who Should Attend The Workshop
The workshop is for people who are passionate about creativity and photography. Tony endeavours to encourage people to be free with their photography and to truly create empowered images from their hearts. The workshops are currently conducted in Melbourne only but TANSLR is proud to present the Empowered Beauty Photographic Workshop by Tony Ryan in SINGAPORE, on 29 August 2010 @0900 - 1700 Hrs, The workshop will be conducted by Tony Ryan personally. Refer to Tony Ryan's website for more details.

About The Workshop
Tony Ryan workshops are run for any level of photographic experience. The workshop will be a full day event (0900 - 1700 Hrs) and have two models in attendance. Everyone gets a chance to direct and photograph and the pace is friendly and casual. The workshop will be limited to 24 participants (maximum per day) and will be staged on 29 August 2010. Tony's main passion is to help encourage open and honest communication between photographers and their subjects; to really enjoy the process of being creative and to become more aware as to how our inner feelings and thoughts affect others.

Workshop Structure
The workshop starts with a brief talk from Tony that lasts about 15 minutes. This involves Tony discussing the various aspects of his style, encompassing his beliefs about aesthetic and essence beauty.

Tony believes everyone and for that matter every object has it’s best angles. With people the photographer has the capacity to direct them to their most aesthetically pleasing position. Further, Tony believes a person projects energy to others dependant upon their internal mood. Tony's workshops allows the photographers to connect as openly as possible with their subjects. To do all they can to create an equal and calming relationship with their subject. As part of facilitating a comfortable and open relationship with the model Tony also encourage everyone to support each other.

After the initial brief, the workshop participants will undertake an exercise where the photographers pair off and photograph each other in portraits. We swap cameras so that if we like a shot that the other person has taken we can use that on our site. In this exercise we are encouraged to direct each other to our best aesthetic. To also encourage each other to drop our protective walls and be free. Tony truly believe that energy can be felt through a finished photograph and this exercise helps every one to understand both sides of the camera.

From here we go into a group shoot on the model or models. Each person is encouraged to direct and we all shoot togeather. At times through the group shoot Tony will take over direction or point something out that he feels could be done more efficiently. The group shoots are undertaken with natural and studio lights so that we get experience with both. Tony is open to discussing technical and any other aspects of the shoot throughout the whole workshop.

In general these workshops are geared towards enjoyment. Should also note that whilst people do get some amazing photos from the workshops that this is not the main aim. Tony is really passionate about encouraging people to go deep inside for their creative inspiration. To take aspects of the workshop and combine this with their own intuition to create their own individual visions. Photographers are free to use shots taken at the workshops in their portfolios. However if they wish to sell any images they must negotiate directly with the model prior to selling.

Workshop Flow
- 0900 – 0915 Hrs: Introduction by Tony
- 0915 – 1000 Hrs: Brief by Tony on AM session objectives
- 1000 – 1200 Hrs: AM Workshop proceedings
- 1200 – 1300 Hrs: LUNCH Break
- 1300 – 1330 Hrs: Recap of AM works
- 1330 – 1400 Hrs: Brief by Tony on PM session objectives
- 1400 – 1600 Hrs: PM Workshop proceedings (Model swap between groups)
- 1600 – 1700 Hrs: Day Summary by Tony

Workshop Fees
SGD395/Pax (Payment in Full by 31 Jul 2010), thereafter SGD425/Pax

Workshop Capacity
20 Pax (Min), 24 Pax(Max)

Workshop Registration
Email tanslrsg@yahoo.com.sg to reserve a slot for the workshop


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