Emolux Concept


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Feb 15, 2012
Emolux was conceptualized in 2001 and used exclusively for conversion lens and photo filters designed for DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras.

The heart of our conversion lenses and photo filters development lies in the achievement of good image quality made possible only with good optical system that is designed in Singapore.

Our definition in image quality is break down into 3 core components:

1.Distortion Level / Image clarity
2.Light Transmission / Reflection
3.Chromatic Aberration

It is of utmost importance that the conversion lens and photo filters attached in front of the camera lens, to surpass or at least maintain the same image quality as the camera lens.

Our differentiation from competitors is that we come up with the product idea and design the optical system with thorough consideration of the specification for DSLR photography. All samples are tested rigorously in different shooting environment with different DSLR lenses. Only those that are able to meet our designated image quality could proceed to the phase of mass production.

In the process of define the required quality of the conversion lens and photo filters for DSLR photography, it is disheartening to gather that the image quality produced by the majority of these items selling in the market has been compromise for cost.

The primary purpose of having a conversion lens is to widen or narrow the field of view. In our independent test of various branded conversion lens available in the market, what we discovered is that although the purpose of wide or narrow coverage is achieved, there are serious chromatic aberration (purple/blue fringe), soft side resolution, high level of distortion which is not proportionate to the level of magnification and inaccurate magnification factor being indicated in the product.

Similar for filters, features and optical glass used are often misrepresented in the pursue of higher margin. In some instances, window glass with below par parallelism had been used and resulted in poor image clarity. It is therefore essential that all photo filters, while serving protection to the camera lens must not compromise image sharpness and light transmissions which are both important attributes in DSLR lenses.

Emolux is committed in the continual research, development and introduction of conversion lens and photo filters to cater to image conscious users of DSLR lenses.