El Carillón !

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May 11, 2004
This stage performance by the group 'Compagnia La Tal' of Spain is part of the Singapore Arts Festival. They were in Bugis Junction from 12-14 June before moving to Causeway Point for the first show there yesterday. Today was the last day :cry:

Each show lasts for 2 hours and the 3 artistes involved will perform 2 sets of 4 skits (each lasting about 10 mins), with a few minutes break in between each one.

Here is the Boxing skit they performed :

"In the blue corner ... "

"In the red corner ... "

"Gentlemen, I want a good clean fight ... "

"FIGHT !!!"

(the fight went on for 3 rounds, with the guy in red beating the hell out of the guy in blue. then, the following happened... :bsmilie: )

"Waahaahaa, what a loser.... Oops ! Sorry ref !"

"Hmpf ... and the winner of this match is ..."

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