EIZO Travel Photography Workshop - 7D6N Daintree Rainforest, Queensland, Australia

Mar 9, 2016
The Daintree
Workshop 2016

11th to 17th May

Presented by
Les Walkling with Peter Eastway

Download Brochure - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/60590625/Daintree_A4_2016_Advertisement.pdf

EIZO are proud to promote Dr Les Walkling's unique Daintree Photographic experience. Held in Australia's most beautiful rainforest, this 1 week adventure will leave you with a deeper understanding of your photography. Best of all, you will return with some wonderful stories and memories to share.

May 11th to May 17th 2016

Are you looking to significantly expand your photographic skills but are concerned that your workflow and processing methods aren’t where they need to be? Or that your equipment and software are letting you down? Or that you wish there was ‘more’ to your photography? These are all too common feelings and as technology races ahead of us these feelings seem to be intensifying.

Though photography may be the ‘love of our life’, it can also ‘get in our way’, because photography can too easily substitute technique for content, or subject for substance, or artifice for things that are ‘greater than ourselves’.

Peter and I have discussed this on numerous occasions, most recently a few weeks back on our latest ND5 adventure, and as artists and educators we are committed to resolving it.

Therefore we have dedicated our Daintree 2016 workshop to ensuring that your workflow ‘works’.

That is, that your workflow becomes dependable, understood, considered, and not only produces the finest images, but does so effortlessly without burden or imposition. This is when we begin to transcend even our own expectations, which is how we move onto the ‘next level and beyond’ and into a whole new world of photography.

Welcome to Daintree 2016.

Les Walkling

Your Place in The Daintree

The venue is the James Cook University’s world class Daintree Rainforest Observatory (DRO) education and research centre at Cape Tribulation in far North Queensland. It is adjacent to Australia’s Wet Tropics World Heritage listed lowland tropical rainforests which are home to a substantial proportion of Australia’s biodiversity, and are one of the best known natural laboratories in the world for understanding the impacts of global environmental change. This is also one of the few areas in the world where the ‘reef meets the rainforest’ and the only place where two World Heritage areas sit side by side. May is the perfect time of year to visit as the wet season has passed and the temperatures are mild.

See some imagery at the following link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTPWep4D7PI

The Daintree Dining Experience

In the spirit of the Orpheus Island fare our renowned chefs will create marvelous banquets for us and each evening we dine at the edge of the rainforest.
Our chefs have been working together for many years and share a passion for food and presentation and are forever bouncing ideas off each other.
They are thoroughly looking forward to the experience of cooking at the Daintree and exploring many of the local fruits, seafoods and other ingredients.

The James Cook University Daintree Rainforest Observatory is limited to only 40 guests. This unique live in workshop with Les and Peter will prove to be very popular.

Our sponsors also attend the workshop and supply ‘state-of-the-art’ cameras, printers, knowledge and materials for all your creative photography needs.

Come to where the reef meets the rainforest and be inspired by an amazing photography experience with Les and Peter.

  • Get time away from the hurly-burly and distractions of everyday life, in an unbelievably beautiful and inspiring location, with state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities;
  • Explore landscape and fine art photography with Peter and Les;
  • Learn self development and marketing ideas for you and your business;
  • Polish your digital capture and advanced processing techniques and take your photography to the next level;
  • Indulge yourself with our experienced teachers and tutors who have not only worked ‘at that next level’ for all of their professional lives, but who also have the empathy, compassion, sensitivity, understanding and intellectual frameworks needed to facilitate your journey ‘to the other side’;

Book now to reserve your space at the Daintree Workshop. Experience the most unique “live in” workshop for photographers in Australia.

Go to: www.leswalkling.com/bookings/

This workshop is accredited with the AIPP Nikon CPD program and recommended for continuing professional development.

All bus transfers ex Cairns, meals, accommodation and materials are included.

AIPP/ACMP/NZIPP members: AUD$3150

Non-members: AUD$3540

JCU/AIPP Students: AUD$2650

A deposit of AUD$500 is required upon booking. All balances need to be completed by 31st March 2016. Under the terms and conditions no refunds will be available after 1st April 2016.

For more detailed itinerary and enquiries, please contact Siti at +65 9117 9403 or email to siti@eizo-apac.com


Mar 9, 2016
Brief Itinerary

We are certainly looking forward to enjoying an inspiring time at the James Cook University’s
Daintree Rainforest Observatory (DRO) with Les Walkling, Peter Eastway and
our support team. 

Our Presenters: – Dr Les Walkling and Peter Eastway are preparing an exciting schedule.
The format will revolve around daily excursions in the morning, lectures and presentations
in the afternoons along with processing, editing, printmaking and practical
exercises. The evenings are dedicated to asking and answering those questions that
often transcend even our own expectations, which is how we move ‘beyond workflow
and hardware’ and onto the ‘next level’ in our photography.

Our Sponsors: – Epson, Nikon (Aust), Eizo, Momento Pro, Canson, CR Kennedy, Hasselblad
and Kayell (Aust) are busy preparing new products for you to try. 

Accommodation in Cairns: - If you need a place to stay before or after the workshop
there is plenty of good accommodation in Cairns City. Note - the bus departs from Rydges
Tradewinds, 137 The Esplanade Cairns.

Arranging your flights: - Our bus to the Daintree departs Cairns at 8:00am on the 11th
and returns to Cairns by 6:30pm on 17th May. Please allow ample time to catch flights.

Bookings and payments: - Under the terms and conditions no refunds will be available
after 1st April 2016. All balances need to be completed by 31st March 2016.

Safety precautions: - When walking in the rainforest you need to wear long sleeves and
covered footwear as a protection from stinging plants, leeches, ticks and snakes. Salt
water crocodiles live in this area, so we need to be vigilant when nearing their habitat.

Excursions: - During the week at the Daintree we will be visiting Emmagen Creek, Cooper
Creek Croc Tour, Cape Tribulation Beaches, Marrdja Board Walk and an optional lift
on the DRO Canopy Crane. All the excursions are included except there will be an extra
cost of $70 per hour on the canopy crane (subject to crane availability and numbers)

On the Cairns to Cape Tribulation road - looking North towards our workshop location at the DRO Research Station.

What to bring: -
• Camera and tripod
• Notebook computer with Lightroom or Capture One, Photoshop, A/V software and
USB jump drive.
• Hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, covered walking shoes and reef sandals for creek
• Stinger suit (lycra) or 2-3 mm wetsuit long sleeves if swimming in ocean. These suits
do not repel crocodiles!
• Personal toiletries and towel for bath and beach (Shampoos and soaps are not
• Casual clothes for the seven (7) days as there are no clothes washing facilities. Bright
tropical look for our final dinner. Temperatures in May 27 deg to 16 deg min.
• Your own alcohol which you will need to be purchase before Wednesday 4th May
(Please use the online ordering through Dan Murphy’s as will be advised shortly).
• Headlight torch for night rainforest walks
• Some cash for incidentals such as DRO Crane trips

Dining at Daintree:
- We are featuring local North Queensland produce in a special
menu created by our Chefs. If you have any dietary requirements or allergies please let
us know by return E Mail so the chefs can cater for you.

Bringing alcohol to Daintree:
- To make the purchase and transfer of your drinks safe,
you are encouraged to make all your purchases online with Dan Murphy’s, and they will
be delivered to the DRO. We will advise procedures for drink purchases in the near future.

Daintree set up:
- We will have a LAN network setup whereby you can plug in and send
your files to the printers.  As a backup please bring a USB jump drive for getting files to
the printer.
Mobile phones do not work at the Daintree Rainforest Observatory. The Telstra mobile
phone network has limited connectivity down at the Cape Tribulation Beach. The WiFi
and LAN network has very limited capability outbound from DRO, and can only be accessed
for emergencies.

So at Daintree we get time away from the distractions of everyday life, in an unbelievably
beautiful and inspiring location, with state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities,
the latest equipment from our sponsors and incredibly experienced teachers and

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Daintree in May 2016 and being thoroughly
inspired in our photography pursuits.

Kind regards,

Les Walkling & Peter Eastway

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