Ecoplosion's THE! Photography Award 2011

Jun 6, 2011
What is Ecoplosion?
Ecoplosion is a non-profit project being furnished to address the vital issues of the environmental crisis. Ecoplosion will create a powerful platform to enlighten and compel the average citizen to adopt and put into practice environmental friendly acts in daily living.

Ecoplosion is now launching its maiden campaign,
“To Heal Earth! – THE! Movement to Rescue Our Earth”.

As part of THE! campaign, Ecoplosion will be organizing THE! Photography Award 2011.
Theme: “Living to Destroy”

Description: Through our daily seemingly harmless activities, our only natural habitat is being destroyed by it’s most intelligent residents–the human race. The photographer must also be able to describe his perception of the image through an essay limited to 100 words.

Deadline: 22 June 2011

More details on the rules and submission can be found at

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