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Feb 17, 2008
Hi all

Trying to plan a 21 day trip with flights inclusive to europe..(part of the trip is here)
Fly in Frankfurt and out Zurich in sept.
One of my friend who is supposed to go with us(left 2 of us) fly us kite .. now at loss .. only tried to do reading on switzerland which is one of our highlight..

Can any clubsnappers advise me where to go or how is the route like..also worried abt trains and passes to get..

I only know plan roughly for switzerland
2 days at Zermatt
2 days at Lausanne or Geneva
2-3 days at Wengen
1 day at Lucern
1 day at Zurich which also the day I depart back to SG.

Need other suggestions to in Germany, Czech or any other areas that you tink its worth of me to go..
First time to europe too..

For currency , the lower the euros the better right ?
I also read that better dun change too much currency coz of robbery too ?

thanks and appreciate all nice advise ^^

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Feb 17, 2008
or like where to stay etc.. hostels ??


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Jun 13, 2008
Czech is worth going. I went for 9 day trip to Prague & Kutna Hora 2 yrs ago in Sept.
Spend min 3 days in Prague to see old town and Castle.
Can walk around until 9 pm at night around old town.
Note Communication: outside Prague in Czech- few English speaking locals.Prague is OK.

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