E300 Colour Space Question

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Nov 7, 2002
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What the different between Colour Space in sRGB and Adobe RGB Notice that the colour is different when u choose different space.


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Oct 20, 2003
the biggest difference between these 2 colour space is the 'richness' in colour. Adobe RGB has a wider colour space compared to sRGB in the colour gamut.

however, that only allows u to manipulate your images in aRGB compatible programs. even after all these years, no one has adopted this standard for printing. so no matter where & what u use to print your pics (inkjet printers or photo labs), they still use sRGB.

if u work in aRGB & convert the images to sRGB at the final stage before printing, the images look a little better. i have tried that & realised its not worth the trouble. defeat my purpose of getting the Oly E1 (not to touch the computer as far as i can for image manipulation). your purpose, style & standard may vary. :)

(ps. note that if u insist on printing aRGB with a sRGB printer, the colours will look dull)

edited: also all printers & photo labs available today can only print 8bits per colour. if u work in 16 bits mode, u still need to convert to 8 bits for final output.

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