Dust removal software

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Feb 24, 2005
I recall asking in a thread here in CS whether there was any software that does what digital ICE can do to remove dust and scratches.

What I got was a wall of silence.

I concluded that some Singaporeans are still very "afraid to lose", as if sharing some useful info or software will make them "lose" something valuable.

Perhaps there is some commercial fear that if others know how, then they may lose their competitive edge and thus their livelihood.

Anyway, every time I find something useful in that area, I will share it here.

Ouch! the people who would rather not have others know will feel the pain.


The Epson desktop scanner that I have has such software too.
If I scan film, then I can choose [Dust Removal] and can choose light, medium or heavy removal.

I read that the Minolta Dual Scan film scanner has its own dust removing software.

More of that when I actually bother to use my Minolta film scanner.

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