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DSLR Sound Recording - Seminar 2 Hrs ( Free)

Istudio ( Academy ) Powered By sgcamerastore Present u DSLR Sound Recording

A Must for those who have always wanted better sound Quality
Expert industry will be there

come on down to this event on the

15 Seats only for Booking ( so start booking now ) a event you wont want to miss

Date : 19 th January 2013
Location - Istudio - powered by sgcamerastore
( no 3 Coleman street #02-21 Peninsula shopping center singapore 179804 )
Tel : 63362273
Fee - Free
Pls sent booking : enquiry@sgcamerastore.com
Time -2-4 pm

Free - Sponser by sgcamerastore and it partners
Session is 15 pax for registering

Important note :
First Come First Serve
Only those who received emails will be allocated slots
Indictaed your camera Model
Registering with enquiry@sgcamerastore.com

1) To Registered - pls sent to enquiry@sgcamerastore.com with full name / ic and telephone no / and the slots u want/ emails
2) Sgcamerastore reserve the rights to change or cancel of the booking of the slots booking of any photographer
3) Sgcamerastore will blacklist those who have did not turn up from our last event or this event
4) Those who have sign up before with us for our last few events and did not turn up as usual is blacklisted
5) Sgcamerastore will take attendance and all booking will confirm by confirmation code and Telephone or email by sgcamerastore staff
6) Pls dont be late - as event slot will start on time
7) Any incomplete form will be cancel

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What u will be presented

- Explanation why sound recording is important in filmography, perhaps can use a sample video of Oscar (Academy Awards) nomination in sound editing / sound mixing
- Filming with audio embedded in the camera or separate? What are the advantages?
- What will be discussed in the seminar as part of process of getting good audio for the filmography
- Presentation #1 – basic audio theory

* Audio formats (WAVE, MP3 – most popular)

* Analog audio formats – vinyl records

* Digital era (bits) – 16 bit / 24 bit - resolution

* Advantages of WAVE / MP3

* WAVE is uncompressed audio (data across frequencies are complete), MP3 is compressed audio (some data are eliminated)

* Sampling Rate importance (44.1kHz – CD quality, 48kHz, and 96kHz).

* Summary – what is good, better, and best audio formats to use

- Presentation #2 – basic audio equipment for DSLR filmography

* Microphones, Mixers, Monitors, other accessories such as boom pole, tripod, cables, portable power supplies, etc.

* Microphones types – dynamic vs condenser (with 48V phantom power)

* Be careful before purchasing microphone (shotgun boom mic, clip on, hand-held) – does it require 48V phantom power?

* Microphone – wireless or not? Advantages? Dis-advantages?

* Types of microphone pattern (XY or AB) – to take or not to take the ambience sound

* When to use clip-on mic, boom mic, or hand-held mic?

* Microphone polar pattern (shotgun, cardioids, omni) – simple explanation

* Mixers – main usage – provide 48V phantom power – easily adjust gain

* Monitors – main usage – provide the soundman a feedback for controlling the mic gain

Presentation #3 –External Sound Recording features

* Built in condenser microphone

* Adjustable pattern (XY or AB)

* Various audio format (WAV, MP3)

* Locking XLR in

* Dual mode (internal + external inputs)

* Monitoring using earphone / headphone

* SD card memory storage

* Folders can be managed easily

* the gain adjustment is using dial, easier to operate

Presentation #4 - filmography techniques

* Prepare DR-40 to be in action short skit (mock setup) – can be interview session on the spot

* Difference between having internal mic & external mic

* Process the audio straight away and playback to audience

* Prepare 1 or 2 scenarios (scripts) between 2 persons

* Demonstrate that the microphone needs to be aligned to the source of sound

* Person who holds the mic boom (or any type of mic) needs to memorize the dialog so that he / she knows when to turn the mic to the correct person

* Process the audio straight away and playback to audience

* Demonstrate the usage of wind-shield and external power supply

* Difficulties faced during shooting outdoor (with loads of ambience noise)

* One of the application where clip on mic should be use, and needs to be properly used.

* Live editing and playback

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