DSLR n00b - film still makes me nervous

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Nov 23, 2008
Hamburg, Germany
Hi all,
quick one to introduce myself and maybe hear some views on film vs digital to help me.

I've been using film SLRs since 1983, still have my first Canon AE-1P, had my T90 and lots of gear stolen in Paris in the late 80s, had a long semi hiatus in the form of no money for new gear so focused entirely on working with what i had which kept me from gearhead-dom for a long time. When digital hit the market, I simply ignored it for the longest time just as I had come to ignore autofocus as well as I eventually started having money to burn on gear but didn't.

Digital caught up with me in 2005 when I took a trip to Borneo, Malayisa and Singapore and just didn't feel like backpacking with my SLR kit so I picked up a Pentax Optio W30 which served me well but technical as opposed to emotional image quality was lacking somewhat. But then it was cheap, waterproof, small and sufficiently unattractive to not get stolen.

In 2007 the DSLR itch got the better of me and I got a Pentax K10D Grand Prix Edition after thinking for a long time whether or not it wouldn't be a better idea to get a used AF film SLR like a Nikon F5 or some other "forme rrich amateur cam ditched in favour of digital".

Now that I have my K10D and use it I have both come to like it and to wonder if film wasn't better for me. At times I like how I can just shoot shoot and shoot and not worry about money for film or polluting the environment with film development chemicals; at times I wonder if my shots aren't maybe becoming more indiscriminate with the almost unlimited availability of bytes on SD, USB, NAS etc.

And I still have the feeling image quality with film is better. On the other hand shooting low light with ISO 1600 and shake reduction really gives me an appetite for an ISO 25100 Nikon or maybe something with an even more powerful sensor when that comes out some time.

But then my supply of money isn't so unlimited either. So I am reducing gear in some places to free up for more in others, because: HELP!!! DIGITAL HAS MADE ME A GEARHEAD :bheart:

If I could as I would, I would for a full frame Nikon or Canon analog plus digital combination and I would love to hear about your experiences with that and if there are any among that have gone back from digital to silver halogenide...

Thanks & cheers

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