DSLR Cleaning Service?

Hi Clubsnappers,

I have given up after numerous futile effort to clean my old but trusty Canon 400D which deserve some serious cleaning

Dust specks has showed up on photos taken with small aperture i.e. > f/11 as well as on the viewfinder

Can anyone recommend me any camera shop or friend that can carry out this effectively and economically?

Or is Canon Service Centre my best option.

Cheers :cool:

Aug 16, 2011
Singapore, Singapura
CSC does sensor cleaning at $20 before GST, thats $21.40 including GST. If your viewfinder is dirty, then viewfinder cleaning is $40 before GST at CSC. You can also check Camera Hospital at Sunshine Plaza or call them for a quote. But not all 3rd party shops do it cheaper than CSC, so do take note. Alternatively, there is bro here in CS by the name of 'fatigue' that does these kind of stuff as well, might wanna PM him to find out more. Hope this helps!

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