DPE600 Portable Monolight Review


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Oct 8, 2010
DPE600 Monolite

The DPE600 is a strong, affordable and portable light that does its job well in the outdoors.

* Fast recycling time (less than 2.5s under full power, 600WS) .
* 9 levels of precise light output controlled by CPU.
* Long battery usage life (more than 180 times flashes at full power, 600WS).
* Safe battery recharging
* Convenient charging with either wall adapter or in-car chargers (both provided).
* 1-year in-house warranty

The DPE600 works well as a strong light in large areas - although it has nine power settings, it is extremely strong even when set to its lowest. Its strength allows it to cover large areas and objects that would not be typically possible with standard camera flashes. On the flip side of the coin, this means that the DPE600 might be overpowered indoors, especially in portrait shoots.

The monolite comes with a very sturdy black briefcase and a decent softbox - overall excellent value for money. Charging its battery unit its easy, but note that its power drains itself when unused quite quickly - charging the night before the shoot should overcome this problem. It is able to fire more than 100 times, with 1 to 2 seconds in between, at its lowest power setting, which should be more than enough for a practice shoot.

I would recommend the DPE600 to amateur strobists who need raw power. Its low price also means affordability for new strobists who may not be willing to shell out for equipment ten times its price.

The following was shot outdoors at 5pm, on a cloudy Saturday afternoon. It was done as part of an editorial for the very fine local fashion label, Mu.

Photographer: Paul Fu
Model: Rita Ng
Stylist: Jasmine Soh

Strobist Info:
DPE600 with softbox, 30 degree right of model, 4 meters away at power setting 2. Overcast outdoor sky.

Brilliant Photo Product Description & Specs: http://www.brilliant.com.sg/detail.aspx?id=100

Paul Fu is a fine art photographer who also dabbles in advertising and fashion photography. His abstract, painterly style is the result of his research on renaissance art and the pictorialist movement. More of his works can be found at www.paulfu.com.

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