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Sep 27, 2006
Erica Gamet

If you're a Creative Cloud (CC) subscriber, you know you have access to a wealth of apps and services. But all those choices can be overwhelming at times. I often find myself remarking, "Wait…I have that app?" because I haven't explored all that CC has to offer. The folks over at Creative Bloq have put together a tool they hope will help you navigate the riches of Adobe's Creative Cloud.

The free Creative Cloud 2014 Magazine is 11 pages (I theorize it's so they can say, "It goes to 11!") of Creative Cloud goodies. There is a comprehensive list of all the apps and services included with a subscription to the full Creative Cloud. They have provided explanations as to what purpose each of the apps serves and a detailed look at the Behance, ProSite, and Creative Cloud Market extras that each CC member has access to. The magazine also dives into the new feature of a few of the major CC players like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver; InDesign seems conspicuously absent.

In addition to the core products, Creative Bloq devoted a full spread to the mobile apps, which are growing and maturing with our mobile devices. I realized I hadn't even heard of Photoshop Mix, so I'll be checking that out soon! Adobe's foray into hardware—Ink and Slide—is prominently featured and discussed in the magazine, and the publication does a great job of busting some of the Creative Cloud myths that are still floating around. My biggest complaint is, given that the magazine is being distributed as an interactive PDF, I would have loved to have seen some short videos embedded. For instance, I didn't care much about Ink and Slide until I saw someone demo it and that's where its usefulness and coolness became apparent. 

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