Domke Gripper Camera Strap Helps


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Jan 14, 2012
I am having hard time to find way to properly use it,what i mean will be how do you guy usually carry the camera with the domke strap and also how do you guy carry if u have a domke bag with the domke strap and the camera..Plus last question from me will be if i use the domke camera strap on one side of the shoulder,how do you guy get the camera to be ready fast when u want to snap picture when the right moment come


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Oct 25, 2008
Shèng Gǎng
Just over the shoulders. No fancy stuff. I also find it long enough to use as a cross-body strap. If you have the one with swivels and want to carry the camera cross-body, you can turn the strap upside down so that it would not eat your shirt when you swing it up to take a shot.

Now about lugging the camera and Domke bag (mine's F2 and J2, by the way), I just open the flap and tuck it behind the bag (flap goes in between the back of bag and your body), and I do a holster or belt bag-type of carrying. I just put the camera inside the bag and pull it out when I need it. Lenses are ready as well. Positioned upside down without front caps so I can change fast.

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