Does DSLR work below zero celsius?

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Hi guys,

Does anyone knows if a dslr will work at temperature below zero celsius?

What are the potential problems ( fogging of lens, greater battery consumption etc? ) that i'll face if i bring my camera to a place that snows?

Many thanks!:)

Mar 15, 2005
i was at the harbin ice palace thingy, which i presume should be below zero since of all that ice.

the battery consumption thing didn't happen to me, although i believe with quite alot of info about that floating around the net and nikon's handbook itself, there's gotta be some truth there.

probably why i didn't notice anything is cos the dslr uses less lcd than pns, and because i was only in there for 3 or 4 hours max (our normal temp the batt like can last quite long ah).

however, the problem i did face was condensation (which may not be so drastic if ur going to a country). moment i stepped out, the uv filter fogged up. made the mistake of removing the filter, lens fogged up (the outer glass nia). so that's where i stopped. hahha...i dun think it's wise to change lenses under such circumstances, and we gotta be quite deligent at cooler regions when moving from indoors to outdoors vice versa.

i think i read before that it helps to place the cam in an airy plastic bag when moving from diff temperatures, to allow the temperature to slowly change. hope it helps :)

Hey Uncle!

Thanks alot for your useful information!

With reference to fogging of lens, it actually occured to me when i was using my friend's 350D. I wasnt even at 0 degree celsius, i was merely walking in and out of an air conditioned place. Heard from my friend it often occured to him.

As for my 300D, it only occured to me once. I used a microfibre (spects lens cloth) to wipe away the dew and waited for a while then it became clear again.

I was looking thru ya website, love the tones you used in some of ya wedding pics as well as the Big Walk series! The wilted series is very cool too! Keep it up!

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