Does Brand really Matter?

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Jun 11, 2009
Hi, I'm new to digital photography. Intend to get a new compact digital camera for casual use during social functions and occasional travelling.

Heard and read raving reviews of Fuji F200 EXR save its weak video recording. Also looking at Panasonic TZ6/7 but they are stretching my budget.

For the same price point, Casio and Samsung seem to offer much better value-for-money but for some reason, these 2 brands do not seem to be discussed much. I wonder if it's because of their lack of marketing or otherwise. Like poorer performance or build quality?

Just would like to know if there are certain things to keep in mind before I make my purchase...

Thanks in advance!


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Nov 24, 2008
read about the Panasonic LZ8 if you are looking for an all rounder with Leica lens and manual controls plus its using AA batteries which is pretty useful.

Jul 19, 2006
Casio's user interface is quite poor though the IS is quite good. I haven tried a samsung camera though.

I'ld recommend the panasonic for the batteries (cheap) and lens (good glass with wide angle)

Things to consider:

Pixel count ain't everything. A large pixel count only allows you to print large prints. If i'm not wrong you do not need more than 4 MP if all you're going to print is 3R/4R. There's more to buying a camera than pixel count/design.

User interface - how fast will it take you to scroll through the menus to the function you want? Do you still need to RTFM after using it for some time? Does the camera feel comfy in your hand? Are the buttons hard to press/in a awkward position?

Start-up time - how long the camera takes to be able to shoot pictures from the moment you turn it on? No point you on the camera then your shot is gone.

Low light conditions - how does the camera react in low light/dark conditions? Many pictures are taken in restaurants/club/pub. If the pic comes out all dark with lots of pixel also no point.

Time to next shot - how long till you can take the next picture after you've just taken one? Some cameras take a long time to copy the data to the memory card.

Wad type of battery/memory card - How many shots can you take beore your battery runs out? Best if its AA powered and using SD card. Available locally.

Zoom range - How far is the zoom? Optical zoom is the key. 3X is average. >3X lagi best. Don't go for digital zoom as the camera is using software to magnify the image.

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Nov 8, 2007
Go to a store and try them out. I'm sure some will be easier for you to use versus others. Maybe takes some shots, compare and see which one you prefer.

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