Does anyone know when the O2 XDA3 is coming out?

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Jan 26, 2003
Hi guys,

would appreciated deeply if anyone has any info on the 02 XDA3. I lost my beloved tungsten W and was thinking of getting the XDA2 when it occured to me that its been out for sometine now, which means the xda3 should be making an appearance soon. Yes?


Jan 26, 2004
O2 have just announced the launch of the XDA-IIs and IIi models. The IIs:

I bought an XDA2 in December last year after being a Palm user since 1997 (my first Palm was the original Palm Pilot with 512K RAM).

If you are used to Palm, you will hate Windows Mobile. Typical Microsoft Bloatware. My XDA2 needs to be rebooted every few days or so otherwise it will start acting strange. My old Tungsten T never missed a heartbeat.

You will also find that the apps for Palm are much more simple and elegant than for the PocketPC. I have a registered version of Agenda Fusion. Datebk5 for Palm beats it hands down for ease of use and customisability. There isn't a single application launcher for PPC which even comes close to LauncherZ, Yishow or any of the other Palm launchers.

The XDA2 isn't a very good PDA. Neither is it a very good phone.

You can get used to tapping the screen instead of hitting buttons, but I still prefer hitting buttons when dialling numbers. Want to dial a number from the address book? On my old Motorola, this is what I did: hit quick button for address book, hit button for surname, up/down keys to scroll to the number I want, hit "dial" button. On the XDA2: turn on device, pull out the stylus, hit "contacts". Scroll down to the contact you want then tap on the contact to open it. Then you tap on the number to dial. Try doing this while you are walking around with a bag of shopping in one hand - it's impossible!

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