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These few day, i had been finding a camera bag for my K-x and my new Tamron lens. I saw lots of bag for sale, both first hand and second hand.

But still i did not but any of them due to the following reasons:
1) Some are too big and some are too small,
2) Big bag can cost lots of money, and cheap bag quality not good,
3) I don't wanna carry such a big bag around, when I'm not fully using all the compartment, and i also don't wanna tell everyone one that I had a camera in my bag.

Therefore, i come out with the following solution:
1) I'll use a bag which is current used by me (My Nike bag)
2) I want adjustable dividers (So that i can customize the compartment
3) Ofcos need to be cheap, and quality still there.
3.1) I took both thick and thin foam from my company (Which they used for packing)
3.2) I also use company double sided tape
3.3) Some cardboard also from company
3.4) Some old clothes (best if it's Cotton
3.5) Duck tape (need to buy, which cost me S$4)
3.6) Velcro with cloth glue or tape behind it (need to buy, Super Exp,
cost me S$15.90)

The steps of the DIY camera bag:

1) Measure the base and the walls of your bag, follow by cutting the thick foam to the size you need. (The thick foam is for the walls and base for the bag, to prevent damage to your camera.)

2) Cut the cardboard and the thin foam to the size that you'll need for the divider. For each divider, follow these steps:
2.1) paste two cardboard together (do this if the cardboard you use wasn't the thick)
2.2)warp the cardboard with the thin foam

3) After step one and two is done, cut the cloth from your old clothes and make sure it fits nicely with your foam, and sew it with a sewing machine (Note: for those who do not have a sewing machine at home, you can either use a cloth glue or fabric fusion tape (i think so), or you can just use the duck tape for everything)

4) After you had all the foam covered with the cloth (or duck tape), use the Velcro to paste on the walls of the thick foam and sides for the divider.

5) you are almost done, now put the base in first, follow by the walls. and arrange them nicely.

6) put the divider in and custom to the way you want.

7) enjoy yourself with your semi-new camera bag.

The looks from the outside

when carry on me


I know it's not so profasional looking, but it's cheap and very rewarding for making this camera bag on my own.

I looking forward to do another version of this bag, which can take two DSLR camera, 4-6 lens and a tripod. :lovegrin:


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Oct 11, 2007
Just becareful of the duct tape. After some use, the tape might be off-position and the sticky residue might get "stuck" to your gears~


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Oct 12, 2004
winning harbour
:thumbsup: great attempt

i believe OP sells padded inserts for 20plus bucks.....shld yr DIY give way...u can consider them

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Oct 1, 2004
:thumbsup: nice... very personalized...

Haha i tried making my own inserts before but its such a pain as i have no sewing machine and im too lazy to sew:sweat: ...:bsmilie: Btw i think the foam paddings are way too thick ?!?


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Mar 7, 2010


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Sep 19, 2006
Your creations gives me a very good options when i go overseas. hard to carry so many bags to cross the check points.

any places in sg to get this?
the last time i was there (a long time ago), the camera workshop (TCW) at peninsula had an olive green padded "bucket" that you can zip up and carry by a top handle


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Mar 7, 2010
thanks. When i am free or before i go overseas, i will go down to have a look.

Dec 22, 2009
Wow, was thinking of buying another bag when i saw your posted pics! Nice! =D
Actually, I WILL nv bring out my DSLR together with my Macbook unless I got the body of Brock Lesner. Just an illustration of how much i can stuff into it.

However, I am able to fit in my tripod together with my KX + 3 lens. With enough space for a water bottle and a can of insect repellent. IMO a versatile bag when I wanna go out to the wild to go trigger happy. One more thing I like about my bag is that the bottom part is totally water proof with a rubberised material and the padding is already very thick. I nv regret getting this Timbuk laptop bag 4 years ago!

Did I mention that this is my office bag when I need to hit the gym?


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Jan 26, 2008
Actually, I WILL nv bring out my DSLR together with my Macbook unless I got the body of Brock Lesner. Just an illustration of how much i can stuff into it.
carry ur DSLR and macbook out more..and you will get the body of Brock Lesner :bsmilie:

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