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Apr 27, 2004
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was watching the following recording of photojournalist James Nachtwey's TED Prize talk


most if not all of the members in this forum are far removed from war and places of extreme sufferings, and very few are photojournalists. we do not hold the kind of responsibility nor have the opportunities (and risks) to get so close to scenes of war and sufferings like James Nachtwey, and probably few have his kind of courage and ability to deliver those powerful images.

however with increasing affluence, more and more people are travelling out of the country for their holidays, many 3rd world countries are included in the choice of destinations. many have also taken the opportunity to capture scenes of these foreign cultures, sometimes depicting their joy, sometimes their poverty. the proliferation of internet and culture of instant gratification are making images made by the masses less and less meaningful, with more and more people producing more and more of the same pictures, sharing of images sometimes become such insignificant events.

there have been many (though infrequent) postings of pictures of the underprivileged people on this forum, whether these people are from Singapore or other countries. what i thought might be meaningful to discuss are thoughts about

1. choosing the underprivileged as a theme for photography (purpose)
2. depicting the underprivileged in photography (how the story is told)
3. effects of publishing works depicting the underprivileged on the internet

open discussion, so free feel to share your thoughts

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