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Hi all,

I'm a newbie dabbling into photography. I'm planning to purchase my DSLR, but in the meantime, thought i'll try to work on composition first with my P&S. (To sum up, it's probably my virgin attempt at 'proper' photography, & photoshop! ;p)

This was a 3 megapixel picture taken with my Sony cam. I did try to adjust using exposure & stuff using the P-mode, but lost all details when I removed the pictures from my cam.

I thought it depicted the mood of being dilapidated coz of the wild grass growing by the sides & moss on the steps. Wonder if it's too boring a picture? Any good tips to take note of when composing pictures? C&C please.



Feb 5, 2003
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Overgrown might be a better title. Dilapidated typically refers to houses, buildings, etc..

attap seed

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Feb 16, 2006
to me, the light is a little flat.

i like side light, which emphasises texture, shape and gives depth to an image.


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Feb 15, 2003
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Mate, can explain what is hyperfocal? I would like ot learn too. Thanks.
hyperfocal in layman is about making an entire picture from the point nearest to you til the infinity focal point all sharp.

something like tis...

as opposed to something like...

where by you have front focus and the rear is blur. or the common mistake, infinity sharp, front blur when taking landscape shots.

in hyperfocal we set the aperture to give a certain DOF, and we don't focus on infinity instead, we focus on nearer subjects.

for eg,

a wide angle lens with a infinity from 10m and above. minimum focusing distance is 2m

if wide open a lens is only so shallow (f2.8), if will for eg, make 1m distance sharp.
so if u focus any point from 2m to 10m, u got a space of 2m sharp...

if we close it down to f5.6 for eg, it will be 2m sharp rear to front when u focus at a certain point.

so on and so forth.

so if we know for eg f16 will give 10m sharp, we focus on like tis...

focal point (set to 5m)

then everything in that region will be sharp... but normally not so accurate, so we will buffer extra for infinity to make sure its covered... like set to 6m instead. then you have 1m before you thats blur.

thats the rough idea. you have to experiment...

some old lenses come with a DOF scale which makes it easier to understand. newer lenses does not have this nowadays.

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