Digital video library good? need feedback pls

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Aug 16, 2004
hi all,

I am doing research and need commends and feedback, hopes u guys can help?

do you guys think that a digital video library is a good tool or medium for the educational industry?
meaning that to replace the traditional video library that stalls the hard sopies of video tapes and CD-R and DVD in the library. Video tapes and contents are streamed and stall online in a remote video server for informations and learning. and will be able to access and play back remotely thru internet.

some questions below and hopes can have some feed back.. thanks

1.) advantages and disadvantages?
2.) will it helps in the educational industry?
3.) will you watch lectures video, training videos online?
4.) which will be the best streaming format you think is good so that can be play back from your computers?
5.) any others commends?

thanks and need commends and feedback.

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