Digital Prints..-some questions

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Sep 9, 2003
I went and made some prints of some pictures i took and the people there blew out the highlights by doing post processing when I already post processed.

is this normal? do I have a right to demand a refund anyway now that I've taken it hope *cos I print 6 x 6R at $6 each.)

or should I have told them, hold the post processing..

in anycase, its no big deal to me, was just testing to see how it would look in print...

also: anyone knows which printing shop is good/cheap/prints large size.. I definitely want 8R and larger..*what's the point of 6 megapixels otherwise..

Ah Pao

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Nov 7, 2003
Woah....$6 for 6R? :nono:

Grace Digital at Sunset Way (Clementi) charges $3 for S8R for ClubSNAP members. Just ask for the discount and mention you are a CS member.

I've printed a couple of S8Rs with them and Mr Tan (the boss) is a very friendly and accomodating guy. The prints so far have met or exceeded my expectations. No extra costs for cropping and/or white border. They use exclusively Fujicolor Crystal Archive Supreme paper that is reputated to be one of the best around.

While your there, ask for prices for other sizes as well. Very reasonable IMO.

And to your woes, do instruct the lab when you do not want post-processing done to your shots.

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