Digital Post Processing on Tablet PCs/Laptops

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Hi ...

Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but since it has to do with photo post processing, shall post it here.. moderator pls feel free to move to a more suitable forum, if you feel it suitable.=)

OK... on to what i wanted to post about.

Is anyone doing photo post processing, PS or otherwise on Tablet PCs or laptops? The reason I'm asking is that Im planning to get a laptop for Uni, and the school is offering a discounted price for the Toshiba Portege m200.

Am quite attracted by the prospect of using a pen to do the actual photo editing, but I'm not sure about the performance of the laptop, hence the thread.

Im actually concerned about a few things:

1. The stylus - not sure how PS friendly it is.. For e.g, if the reverse side of the stylus will allow for erasing as per graphics tablets

2. The screen - The portege m200 is equipped with a 12.1 SXGA screen... anyone know anything i should take note?


So... am curious if other CSers have experience with tablet laptops and better still Toshiba tablets, and BETTER still, then m200!



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Feb 15, 2002
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I'm personally using a laptop to do post processing... and if I could choose something to use for post processing...


the screen tilt for 1, will affect the colours/light/etc.. thus you spend quite a lot of time adjusting the screen..

Not only that, even with some form of calibration, it only applies for a certain angle, at a certain brightnes... So most of the time, you're estimating..

Generally, its still usable.. but... very difficult to get it accurate..

Again, it depends on what you need.. I needed something I can bring around.. (for work, play, etc)... Post processing was... secondary


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Jul 11, 2002
@ D08
I am using a laptop too, got to bring the photos around. For the editing part, I'm using a wacom intuos pen, pretty good. :)

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