Digital Photography Short Course (4th Aug 2007)

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Digital Photography Short Course

This is a short course based on the 4 session course that I usually conduct. As there are newbies and those new to Digital Photography and would like to just pick up the "basic" stuff and go from here....this is the course for you.

Objective: This lessons are cut to cater for those who are starting up and would like to learn and take up photography. The course is beneficial for those planning to buy a new digital camera, or those who have already have one and would like to make the best out of it - For those with cameras, you'll learn how to make use of your tool to its fullest.

Day/Date: Saturday, 4th August, 2007
Venue: Lorong 1 Toa Payoh (Details to be provided later)
Time: 10 am – 12 pm (2hrs Indoor Session) + 2hrs Outdoor session to be announced
Course Fee: S$ 40
Class Size : 10 (Limited Seats available...Do sign up fast!!!)

Those who do not own any camera may still enrol. Here is the short description of the course content:

The course content would be as follows:

1) Fundamentals of Digital Photography
- Camera (your basic equipment)
- Fundamental of camera handling - correcting user(photographer) errors.

2) Familiarization with Digital camera
- Shutter Speeds + Practicals - what to Use....When to Use?
- Aperture Sizes (Which one is right?) - Concept of Depth of Field - its effect on Image
- Putting all in Harmony - getting the most out of your tool.
- Understanding Metering (How a camera sees)

3) Shooting Mode
- What to use and when to use - Exploring Creativity with Thematic Approach
- Knowing what others see (Group Sharing and critique)
- Practicals and guide session - Panorama Photography for stitching(digital) will be covered

4) Techniques for capturing good images - Learning some day to day techniques to achieve desired exposure.
- Night & Low light photography - With and Without Flash
- Basic Composition guidelines

5) Hands On session

What to bring:
- Your Camera - battery and memory card...
- A tripod if you have one.
- A pen/pencil.
- Notes will be provided.

My website....

Communication can also be facilitated in Hindi and Malay languages.
For registration or more information, please contact

Mohd Sulhan SMS: (97310674). Please do PM me for more detials or should you have any queries. Or just drop a mail to this address:

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