Digital or SLR?

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I have been using SLR and have yet hop into world of digital cameras. I have been told that digital camera is not able to capture action shots where speed is required....unless it is a digital SLR. Is it true? can anyone pls share the difference in the images produced by SLR and digital camera?


thanks...i have read the article....the truth is : if i can afford a D1x like Ken Rockwell, i won't even be pondering which is better..... i am actually asking about the lower range of digital cameras...not the SLR digital type... :)



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May 6, 2003
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Lower range? Like digital compacts and prosumer ones? Yeah, they are a bit sluggish to use, especially with regards to focusing and shutter-lag, even with my Minolta 7Hi, supposedly top of the non-pro digital cameras. In addition, most digital compacts have a small buffer memory and write-speed, so you might have to wait a few seconds before you can shoot the next frame.

But then again, this also happens for 35mm cameras. None except for the top-of-the-range SLRs are truly suited for fast action photography.

However, by using "trap-focus" technique, many cameras may still yet be able to capture good action shots.

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