Digital image prints.

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Mar 14, 2009
I want to print some of my nice pictures taken with my DSLR and I was wondering if should I need to do anything to my image before printing it?

I plan to print it using the digital printing machine(i dont know what it's called,the one you put in the SD card and choose which to print) to 4R prints and can anybody teach me what I need to do(such as resizing) to the soft copy of the image to achieve optimal sharpness/clarity and results when printed ?

EDIT:I tried resizing my image using GIMP to 1800x1205 (4R?) and I noticed the image has been reduced to 400+ KB only,does this mean image quality has been lost?If so,how do i resize such that I do not lose image quality?

If I do not resize my image and just send it to the machine for printing ( 3872x2592 at 72dpi) will the image help me resize without losing quality or will it crop the sides away to fit 4R size(i dont want this to happen)?

Oh I have Adobe Lightroom too but I am quite noob at it.

Thanks! ;)

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Aug 6, 2004
May I know which are the shops which still offers printer profiles for downloads.Thks.:)

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