Digital, Film and Eyes A discussion

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Jun 4, 2003
Was just wondering will the digicams ever replace the film cam and whether if we can ever get something better than the human eye. Guess it helps to know the answers to these questions. Hope someone with knowledge helps.
1. What is the 'resolution' (the mega pixel count) of the human eye.
2. What is the 'resolution' of a normal 35mm film? I guess you understand what I mean.
3.What is the highest resolution digicam available commercially till date?
4. What is the approximate 'colour depth' of Human eye? About a million colours? or more?
5. Is there anything other than resolution and colour depth that need to be considered while speaking about this issue?


The human eye has the equivalent of roughly 125 million "pixels". That is to say, each eye has got about 125,000,000 photoreceptor cells on the retina. Of course some of us who like to shoot sunsets/sunrises a lot and look into the sun have abit less.;)

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