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Ok, I am not savvy at such things and any advice will be appreciated.

Have been a FILM/DSLR user and realised that I'm just too lazy to carry these stuff around. Have sold off almost every system I own and now looking for a simple "pocket sized" Digital Camera that is at least 2MP and have optical zoom.


To take general pictures when the opportunity arises, mostly for photo-documentary: street; people, activities (excluding fast action sports), plants & buildings. And sometimes kids' birthday parties.

Camera that can be carried around, or left in a car's glove compartment. Reasonable lasting battery. Hopefully with an optical zoom and availabity of accessories like an extra batteries/car charger etc (I dont need wide or tele adaptors)

Storage media preference: SD or CF (IBM 1GB MD)

Photos to be eventually uploaded online (screen resolution), archived to CDROM or printed to a maximum of 4R size.

Manual control such as shutter speed, aperture would not ne neccessary but good to have.

Most importantly SHUTTER LAG must be minimum...

ps: I currently own a Panasonic Lumix F7 (using SD) and the shutter lag is Terrible!

Anyone with 2nd hand or 3rd hand offers, pls PM me details, price and key feature. Original box & proof of purchase NOT neccessary, as long as the camera functions well.

Cosmetic condition is NOT a criteria and will not pay MORE because its like "brand new". Ridiculours offers will not be considered and I will not attempt to bargain.

I'm really looking for a functional used cameras, just make a plain reasonable offer for me to consider.

Cameras that am considering: Casio Exlim, Canon IXUS v2 and S50.


Feb 5, 2003
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Main problem with older digital cameras (2MP/3MP) is that their shutter lags are terrible, at least for someone used to film and DSLR. Not to mention the long startup times (esp. if you need to wait for the lens to extend, etc).

So if you want to do street photos, capture snapshots of children, etc., they are not the way to fo.

Advice: Buy a latest model (like S50 as you said or Ixus 400-- but still quite slow), or use a high quality film P&S (like Contax T3, Yashica T4, etc) and scan them in.

And hey, you'll lose less selling the T3/T4 3-5 years down the road, whereas no one will want a 2MP camera by then.

3-5 years down the road is when I believe DSLR speed and capability will be available in a digital point and shoot, so that they will have the same low shutter lag, high resolution, use same lens as film cameras, and have CCD chips enough to give same resolution and rich colours.


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Dec 30, 2002
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hi i have a dimage x...

shutter lag is negligible, and time to startup is blazing at 1.somethign... slower than the new dimage xt, but still very good..

it realy is pocket size.. slightly larger than a hand phone only..

i usually carry it in my pocket + my handphone + my ppc... thats how small it is!!

its 2mp..

but for taking candid shots at parties etc,
pple on the street...

its a good cam...

new dimage xt is abt 650,

im willing to sell at 400 inclduing a pouch which didnt come with the cam...


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Dec 30, 2002
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sorry to add, it has optical zoom,

and its battery can last INDEFINITELY if u off the LCD...

seriously, dpreview stated it can last 24hrs in ON mode with lcd off... or something like that



Hi Allan,

I got a piece of personal experience that want to share with you, hope it can be helpful to you to make up the final decision.

As I have owned 3 pcs of digital camera and really use for a certain time, but I do suffer alot with both of these cameras-- I make a first buy Olympus 730 , then Panasonic FZ1 and now still keep a Sony DSC s70 on hand, both are performed slow focus and dull shutter response.

Thinking of that you have just shifted from FILM, and would like to buy a compact-design P&S camera for your leisure life style, I would also recomended you to listen to the Waileong's word as stated above, especially you are emphesised with the shutter lag, I do believe that if you are get used to the SLR, will same as me can not bear the slow focus also-- means you won't be able to catch the most excellent moment in your life! So a top-rated film P&s will be always your best choice if you are not to shot all the time all the day. Anyway, the Memory cards is also not so cheap, worth a hundred of rolls of Fuji200, besides the camera cost.

As talking about the film P&S, Contax T3 will be always a best choice for the higher class perfessionals / fans. Pnslr Plz 2fl have a sencond hand one willing to sell at $700. Thought T4 is no more available nowadays, so can be consider Tzoom secondly.or a Richon GR1/ Gr1v, TCW have. or TC-1 from Minolta, Alax photo have one at $680. or 35Ti also ok,can find at TCW. Or you would perfer Leica, Minilux zoom should be more fit you as you have just apart with your Leica system-- if you still the image taste.

For your reference only,thank you.


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