Difference between omnibounce,bounce card and diffuser

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Jul 12, 2008
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Hi guys, im considering buying a external speedlight and i was looking at a different thread with a poll on which is perferred, Omnibounce, Bounce card or Diffuser. Never heard of the former.
quite confused with what an omnibounce and bouncecard is??
Anyone care to enlighten me?? :)

i know a diffuser is a white cap u put on the speedlight so as to diffuse the flash in general so we obtain an overall lighted scene.

Is a bounce card the card infront of the flash that helps deflect the light?

And omnibounce- i have no idea.

Will appreciate your help :)

O and im using a canon 450d. do u think an ex580 will be gd?

Thank youuuuuu :)

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