Desperate Tissue Man

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May 9, 2007
Hi All,
Newbie, and first time posting. Was meant to go for Photo Course this afternoon, but last minute it was cancelled. In the end all of us "students" went for a short walk around Bugis and took some shots.

This old man really captured my attention with his expressions and the gestures he was making while trying to sell his tissues.

Really appricate comments on composition and framing you can make.


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Mar 22, 2007
Would like to know, in what way does the uncle looks desperate? And i think your hand shook a little. Seems OOF for me...


The photo is completly out of focus. Why did you frame like this, the man look at the right and you open the left? nothing interesting.

- Open the look of the people
- Don't post an unfocused photo except if it of VERY high interest
- don't cut the feet, the legs or the arm of your subject, that's not very nice to him
- Follow these few advises in all cases.

Feb 13, 2007
Hi Fishwaldo - the important thing is that you are out there and doing your best to get a good shot.

This shot is not complimentary to the person who is being taken in my opinion and that is perhaps the most important job of a photographer. I don't mean your subject has to smile. indeed someone sad or unhappy can make a very interesting story but you have to engage the audience so that they can see the story you saw.

Try and get out again and use your camera to capture a moment where we can also look into the "story"

The fact that he was not in focus is of course not ideal but it is not necessarily the most important part of what you need to do. I feel you should try to think of framing this again in your mind and then maybe next time you might find a more engaging result. Keep it up!

Dec 7, 2006
west side!
watch ur focus and composition.
seems like a snapshot more than a composed pic.
also, ur title... i dunno. i got issues with such titles.


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May 23, 2007
The Upper Room
Desperate?? He appear perfectly calm to me. Focus or no focus is minor issue when compared to the wrong mental image in your mind when you are taking the picture.

You looked down on him and considered him desperate just because he is selling tissue paper, it probably resulted in lack of respect for the person and thus chop of his arm & his feet.

Well, you are the photographer and you have the right to do that, we see such photos daily on our local newspaper especially during election times.

I give two :thumbsd: :thumbsd: for the mental image but a :thumbsup: for sharing.


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Apr 27, 2004
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learning is a 2 way process.

i've given TS the benefit of doubt to keep this thread running, but since there's no response from TS, neither to my private message, nor to the feedback and questions here, there's no meaning in keeping this thread open.

thread closed.

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