dell xps1530 (looking for lappie for photo editing, NOT apple)

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Dec 27, 2006
hi all. i'm looking for a lappie to use for photo editing and adobe related work. i know that apple Macbook Pro is what is commonly recommended for such work, but i want to look at everything available so i can reach an informed decision. my search led me to the dell xps1530.

i've never used dell before so i know nothing concrete about it except for rumors that its customer/warranty service are quite poor and that breakdowns are common. can dell users clarify for me? also, would the xps1530 be good enough for the uses i stated above?

if anybody has any other suggestions other than Macbook Pro and the dell i've stated above, feel free to chip in too. thanks =D


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May 16, 2005
if you don't mind the size and weight, look at the Asus G2S, with a great looking 17" 1920x1200 screen, eSATA, and a whole bunch of I/O ports... they might be updating the model soon though...

specs wise, the Singapore configs for the xps1530 aren't that hot... you can probably config an Inspiron 1520 or 1420 with better specs at lower cost if you don't mind the design and heavier weight... the screens for those look so-so...


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Apr 11, 2003
Punggol Park
I just bot the XPS 1530. I chose a higher spec to enjoy the pic as well as the speed; I chose 2.4 ghz, 3 gb memory and 250 gh for harddisk and 1680 by 1050 for LCD.

The price is roughly $3500.

I also thought of Mac. Currently I have the Adobe Elements and the Mac version will come later but it be more expensive.

The best is go to the Dell centre at Funan or Suntech. The sales guys are nice and helpful.

The best thing is Dell delivers to your home or even office. :)

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