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Jul 2, 2007
for this shot, i'd go for a tighter crop on the face. i just did a quick crop in paint (i'm at work) to see how'd it look. i cropped a little off the top of her head, brought in the left side until it reached the necklace, brought in the bottom until it was a little above the cross just below her collarbone, and brought in the right just a little bit.

i feel this makes for a more powerful photo.

one other thing i noticed (not too sure if it'll improve the photo or not) but it seems the highlights on her cheek and the shadows on her hair are blown. if this was done on purpose, try the photo w/o blowing the highlights and shadows and see how it looks compared to the current one.

other than that, good photo! i like it in b+w


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Mar 4, 2007
Under your Blanket
The B&W tone is nice and the framing is good - Nice fill and the head room is just right.

Theres something about the way in which this angle was shot - the shadows falling on the right side of her face is causing the overcast on her right eye, which makes it look very weird.

You can see the obvious catchlight in the left eye but it is darkened on the right eye as caused by the shadow and angle of shooting.

Use of window light is a very good technique but can be tricky at times.

Other than that i quite like this picture :thumbsup:

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