Decorus Decadence* 08/08 - Studio Lingerie Shoot with Angela & Silvien!!

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Jun 13, 2010
Decorus's Decadence* Presents:

Our lingerie angels, Angela & Silvien on our Debut lingerie shoot!

Glamour Studio Lingerie Shoot with 2 young and new models!



Credits to Vee and myself for the pictures.

Why wait? Hurry and book your preferred slot for the respective models now!
As each session is only limited to only 2 photographers, you can be ensure of sufficient privacy to get the shots you want. No more crowding! =)

Model: Angela

Session 1 - 2pm - 245pm
- slot available
- slot available

Session 2 - 245pm - 330pm
- slot available
- slot available

Model: Silvien

Session 1 - 330pm - 415pm
- slot available
- slot available

Session 2 - 415pm - 5pm
- slot available
- slot available

Shoot Details:

Date : 8th August, Sunday, 2pm to 5pm
Models : 2
Outfits : Lingerie (Bras & Thongs)
Location: A photography studio strategically located centrally.

Price: $110 for each 45-minute slot ONLY.

Special early-bird discount of $100 for the first 4 photographers to sign up!
(Photographers are welcome to book more than 1 slot or the whole session. Please enquire for special rates.)

How to book:

1) Hurry and book your preferred model today, by sending an email to

2) Please indicate the model name, session, timing, your name/nick and contact number.
NOTE: Emails get priority so do send me an email instead.

3) Payment details will be sent to you via SMS. Your slot is CONFIRMED once payment is made.

4) For any reason should the shoot is cancelled, a FULL refund will be made to you.

Send your email to for any studio/equipment enquires or to book the slot of your preferred models now! :thumbsup:

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