Dead pixels seen in shot?

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I've been taking some night shots using long exposure (i.e. Tv > 5sec at f11) and shooting in RAW format. When loaded onto PC, noticed some bright pixels/spot in the dark areas (some in green color, some in red, etc). Are these pixels that are "dead" or damaged in the CCD sensor? If so, can it be serviced cos camera body still within warranty (6 more months).

I am using Canon EOS 40D, with EFS 17-85mm kit lens.


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Oct 24, 2002
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Sounds more like burnt pixels :bsmilie: due to the long exposure, or stars. Dead pixel is when you shoot night or day, the whitie spot is always there.


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Nov 28, 2005
Sounds like standard hot pixels that comes from long exposure. If they are dead, they'll show up no matter what your shutter speed is. Best to turn on NR, or learn how to re-touch your pictures.


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May 18, 2009
They are jus hot pixel. For me, i put them into CS3 and it will be removed automatically. If i am not wrong u zoom in all the way u shld see it as a '+' kind of things. What u can do is to bring it to CSC for sensor remap. Shld be free if its still under warranty. NCS wanted to charge me for 120 for it. :sweat:
Since it will be removed by CS3 den dun bother me at all. So i think i rather save that 120 up haha.

And i heard it wun be 'cured' 100%. I ever read a post whereby someone using D700 with one hot pixel and still under warranty, sent in for sensor remapping, and came back more then 1. Hope my info will help u.

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