DE* 6 Aug Sat: Portrait Photography Contest Proudly Sponsored by Super Hot Deal!!

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Jun 13, 2010

The Portrait Photography Contest Proudly Sponsored by Super Hot Deal!


Rules and Regulation for Photographers a.k.a PG

1) PG must "Like" their facebook Fan Page:

2) PG must submit one of their best photo taken on that day from any of the 3 models

4) PG can submit their photo through their facebook page link "Photographer's Eye" tab located on the left side

5) PG must submit their entry latest by 13th Aug 2011

6) Photos submitted by the photographers will be uploaded to the 1st Photographer's Eye Contest Album in their facebook

7) Photos displayed on the album will be credited to the respective photographers and photographers owns the copyrights of the photos.

8) Photos can be post processed

Top 3 Photos with the most likes from our Fans and Friends will win the following :

Most "Likes" : 15 X 8R Print of your choice of photos (Worth more than $50)
2nd Hightest : 10 X 8R
3rd Highest : 5 X 8R


Featuring ...

Yovanni !!



Credits to Super Hot Deal for the pictures!

When : 6th August, Saturday

Where: Outdoor

Models: 3

Outfits : 1x Fashion

Ratio : Max 6:1

Time : 9-11.30AM [Inclusive of Half Hour Break]

There will be light refreshments provided too!

Registration Fee : $18 ONLY [Payment upon Sign Up is Required]


1. PM Me/Email 90510482 with Name& CS Nick, Email address and Contact No.
2. Slot confirmed upon payment and payment information will be sent out through email/sms.
3. Note that priority will be given to shooters who can make payment to confirm slot first.
- In the event that a shooter paying on spot is late and uncontactable, his slot will be given up at Organisor's discretion.
4. Location will be confirmed later to date and full refund will be made if the shoot is cancelled for any reason.

Please sign up only if you are comfortable with these procedures.


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