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Daytime Shoot

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sir my current hardware is canon 400d and sigma 18-200 lens what kind of setup and settings would you recomend for me to make.


1. i need to shoot with a wide angle shot
2. i would also be covering a number of crowd
3. the location of the shoot is a construction site
4. Daytime.
5. hazy conditions
6. tight shooting conditions (dangerous/ unsafe)


1. how do i make my shot sharp?
2. how to prioritize my subjects 1. people, 2. site, 3. building? all of which are important to the composition.

i hope all understand situation, this is my most difficult situation when it comes to daylight photography.



Nov 2, 2004
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1. use get a tripod - to eliminate camera shake
2. make sure that you shutter speed is fast enough to freeze your subjects - to eliminate subject movement
3. stop down your lend to it's optimum
4. get a dedicated WA lens
5. pray for wind and rain

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