Day Tripper to Batam - Anyone?

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Jan 25, 2007
Hi all,

Thinking to go Batam for a day tripper. Some sort of Travel Photograpy...

Date: Saturday, 29th Aug 2009

Ferry Dep: 0920hrs (Harbourfront Via Sekupang - Waterfront City)

Return: 1410hrs / 1630hrs (Waterfront City - Harbourfront)

Cost of 2-way Ferry Ticket: S$65 (Approximate) incl. of surcharge & Terminal Fees

Food & On-island Transport: S$50++ (Don't reckon you will anything more than that unless doing some activities such as Go-karting; Paintball, etc...)

Min to Go : 4 pax

Max. to Go : 12 pax

Places of Interest:

1) Barelang Bridges
Not to be missed are the Barelang Bridges, six sophisticated full swing bridges that connect the three islands (Batam-Rempang-Galang) together. The six spectacular bridges, all comprising various individual engineering styles are iconic to Batam. ‘Barelang’ is an abbreviation of the three islands names: Batam-Rempang-Galang. Barelang Bridges link the tiny island of Tonton Nipah to the larger Setoko, Rempang, Galang, and Galang Baru Island together. All bridges afford visitors convenient access as though they are travelling on a single big island.

The total stretch of all six bridges is about two kilometres, and travelling from the first bridge to the last one should take around 20 minutes. The Tengku Fisabilillah Bridge that connects Batam and Tonton Island is impressive and the most popular.

2) Vihara Buddhi Bakti Temple
The Vihara Buddhi Bakti temple is also known as Tua Pek Kong Bio among locals and is a must-visit site for all visitors. Featuring impressive modern Chinese architecture, its most attractive spot is the sacred garden, located behind the temple. The picturesque garden houses stone sculptures, scriptures, Buddha statues, and tables where visitors can enjoy a cup of tea under the afternoon shade provided by the surrounding trees.

3) Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple
One of the largest Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia, Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya is also known as the Laughing Buddha Temple. This sacred space attracts thousands of Buddhist followers each day. The temple was built by the Chinese community in Batam and is a great example of a modern day monument on the island.

4) Town / Street Photography
Indonesia offers plenty of shopping opportunities. From street vendors selling authentic homemade wares to huge department stores, the choices are endless.

Give me an indication who are interested and I'll whip up an itinerary!

a) I need fellow CSers who can commit as I will need to purchase the ferry tickets prior to departure, otherwise, feel free to make your own purchase.

b) Timings are suggested as above. Please note that we are going to BATAM, Indonesia and not Sentosa!! You are advised to adhere to the ferry timings, otherwise, you can make purchase on 1-way ticket instead.

c) The above costs DO NOT INCLUDE VISA Applications!!! Please make your own VISA arrangements. Please look here for countries that require VISA.

I'm not earning a single cent from organising this outing, so please, don't ask me for discounts! This is just PURE photography outing!!!! :sweat:


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