Date with Taiwan APPLE and CECILIA : Picnic 14 DEC 2014

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Model : Apple 小净

Model :Cecilia 茹茹

Shoot information as below

14 Dec 2014

Session RSE

Theme : Picnic

Time : 4-6.30pm

Cost : $100 / shooter

SMS CODE : RSE with your name to 82297505

* All shoot subject to min of 10 participants to confirm and max 12 participants. Organizer will reserve the right to adjust between the shoots slots as necessary.

* Wet program already plan and theme maybe adjusted as necessary. Once shoots is confirmed will proceed regardless of weather, shoot will only be cancel due to serious matter where the model unable to be present.
Will refund to participants if such thing happen.

* For those who want to attend more than one session , the discount will be as follow, 2 session (-$10 from total), 3 session (-$20from total), 4 session or more ask me.

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