Dance India Taste India 27nov-30nov

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Jun 14, 2008
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It's the festive season of the year and what better way to celebrate than to take part in Dance India, Taste India!

The Temple of Fine Arts (TFA) is proud to bring this event (DITI) to increase awareness amongst Singapore public of the rich cultural heritage of India.

TFA, widely recognized as a source and sanctuary of culture and fine arts, will host a 3-day long celebration of Indian Culture, Cuisine and Craft.

Venue : Hong Lim Park (click here for a map)
Date : Nov 27th (Thu) - Nov 30th (Sun) 2008
Time : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm daily*

Free Admission. All are welcome.

Coupons are available for use throughout the festival.

MUSIC & DANCE : A main feature of DITI will be cultural performances of dance and music by invited artistes from India and also Temple of Fine Arts International. DITI will feature invited artistes from India and local groups who cover the gamut of the performing arts of India, from classical and folk, to contemporary dance and music.

ART WORKSHOPS : Come and participate in a variety of workshops (**pre-registration required) and demonstrations e.g. cooking, mehendi, Yoga, hair braiding, Kolam drawing, saree tying and many more. Try your hand at an ancient skill that has been passed down through generations.

ART ON SALE : If you wish to take home a little of what India has to offer, treat yourself to the beautiful and colourful selection of Indian apparels, artifacts and handicrafts. Lavanya Arts, the visual arts division of TFA, will present its exhibition of artisans and their artefacts from India. The featured crafts to be showcased include sculptors who turn soapstone into beautifully carved figurines, weavers who will demonstrate how the saree is woven, bangle makers and also artisans who will melt gold to be set into jewellery. Aside from demonstrating these traditional skills, the public are also invited to purchase these many beautiful object d'arts.

FOOD GALORE : Come and taste the many flavours and aromas of cuisine from various states of India; from Punjab in North to Kerala in South; from Maharashtra in West to Bengal in the East. All food prepared are vegetarian, under the strict supervision of Annalakshmi, the culinary division of TFA. What you give will indeed support and sustain the many cultural traditions to be featured at DITI.

GAMES : For the little ones, there are games, colouring contests** and many activites to keep their creative minds at work!

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