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Hi fellow CSers, do any of you use the digital asset management (DAM) system for storing your precious photos? If so, what kind of workflow do you use, or what do you suggest? I'm thinking of using it, but need more information on it. Thanks for your help. :)

p.s. Not sure if this is the correct forum to post. If not, moderators please let me know. :)


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Nov 14, 2003
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i use Apple's Aperture software for DAM as well as for RAW processing. DAM is not so much a storage mechanism as it is a strategy choice for you to manage your collection of photos (digital assets).

my biggest challenge so far has been getting my photos keyworded and tagged appropriately, and the only workable approach for me so far has been to try and diligently tag photos as they are added to my library. (though it is fairly time-consuming and i have a huge backlog which i will get around to... eventually.)

i am guessing that the choice of DAM software/system is less important than having a consistent strategy for metadata, but then again i have not tried a whole lot of DAM systems. not sure how much this helps answer your question though.

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