Daisee Variable ND Filters


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Feb 18, 2012
Daisee variable ND Filters

A solid Variable ND filter is an essential creative tool to any photographers/videographers.

Daisee Variable ND offers density from ND2 (1 stop) to ND400* (9 stops).

A VND allows photographers to create:
• Smoky seawater effect landscape shot.
• Blurred motion effect.
• Super long exposures.
• To use large aperture during bright daylight.

The DMC coating on Daisee filters has an 8-layers water & oil repellent, scratch & stain resistant coating on each side.
The 6.5mm thin frame (without screw threads) allows the filter to be used on wide-angle lenses.

Daisee Variable ND is capable of producing images of the highest quality.
It uses high quality optical glass that retains image sharpness.
The multi-coating also reduces flare and glare.
Most importantly, the filter retains color fidelity with virtually no colorcast.

*Daisee Variable ND is capable of densities of more than 8 stops. However, depending on how wide the lens is & properties of the camera’s sensor, using the filters at its highest densities may produce a “cross polarization” effect or slight light fall off. For best results, use the filters within the range of 2 to 8 exposure stops.

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