d7000 back focusing. recommended service companies (apart from official nikon)


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Jan 8, 2005
My D7000 is pretty much having quite bad backfocusing issues on all my lenses. (35mm 1.8G, 18-55 3.5-5.6G, old nikkor 50mm 2.8)

some lenses like the 50mm 2.8 i set to -20 in the fine tuning options and its still back focusing.

Have you guys had experiences with servicing this issue with anyone else besides nikon?

i'm not ruling nikon themselves out, just curious as to what my options are.

also roughly whats your turn around time?

Jun 2, 2012
Singapore when back at home
Never tried anyone else services for my focusing issues. I only sent it to Nikon. Nikon will need the camera body & the lens to be sent in together. The turn around time for me was within 2 hours.

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