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D1 Grand Prix Drift Clinic Singapore 2008 @ F1 Paddock

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Jul 11, 2008

Want to be the first to put down some rubber at the F1 Paddock before the Singapore Grand Prix?

We are organizing a drift clinic to be held at the F1 Paddock area. The chief instructor will be D1 drifter Mr. Tsuyoshi Tezuka from Japan. We have invited him specially for this event. Don't miss this chance to be involved in a very special event at a very special location!

This is part of a 2 day K1 Grand Finale motor sport event (part of NDP 2008) to be held at the F1 Paddock from 26 July (Sat) and 27 July (Sun). There is fun karting, pit crew challenge, M-bassedor search and family activities. More details are available at http://www.k1.sg

For you petrol heads, there is stunt driving clinics (for corporates only) and drift demos on Saturday.
And on Sunday, there is the first in Singapore “D1 Grand Prix Drift Clinic Singapore 2008”.

Drift Clinic Date: 27 Jul 2008 (Sunday)
Time: 0800 to 1800hrs
Location: F1 Paddock
For who: Beginner to Intermediate drivers (Expert drifters welcomed for some fun)
Clinic Fees: $500 per driver
Maximum of 30 participants
1. Participants are to use their own car.
2. Car cannot be front wheel drive (All wheel drive is okay, rear wheel drive is preferred) and a rear LSD is required. SUVs and MPVs are disallowed for safety reasons.
3. Any traction control system should be able to be switched off.
4. Max 2 drivers to a car. (Convince your friend with a RWD to go with you!)
5. For the clinic, participants are to wear comfortable covered shoes and bring their own helmet.

Other Details:
1. Lunch will be provided.
2. Participants will get a limited edition K1 Dri-Fit Shirt.
3. Pre-clinic briefing on 25 Jul (Fri) 8pm-9pm at F1 Paddock (Compulsory).

Registration Dates (@Kallang Mac):
3 Jul (Thr) 8pm-10pm
10 Jul (Thr) 8pm-10pm
14 Jul (Mon) 8pm-10pm
17 Jul (Thr) 8pm-10pm
21 Jul (Mon) 8pm-10pm

If you are interested please email to driftclinic@k1.sg with the following details:
Registration Date (Select from one of above)
Gender: M/F
Car Make and Model:
Contact Number (mobile preferred):
Drift Experience: None / Basic / Intermediate / Expert (Don't be shy)

If you have any questions please send to driftclinic@k1.sg as well.

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