** D' JParty & Cosplayer 2005 Schedule **

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** D' JParty & Cosplayer 2005 Schedule **
NYC Youth Park on 4th June 2005

D'J Party 4th June Schedule

10:00am Sound Check
1.30pm Trysps
2:05pm Quavis
2:40pm LGF
3:15pm Intermission with Emcee for Cosplay Best Dress
3:30pm RiSe
4:05pm Qi Er Luo
4:40pm Ecliptica
5:15pm Cosplay Segment 1
5:35pm Defuse
6:05pm Elysium
6:40pm Cosplay Segment 2
7:00pm Marionette
7:35pm Eden of Rebirth
8:10pm Amethyst Le Craft
8:45pm Events closing & Thank You Speech

They are back!

The subculture group that is prominent in Singapore: D' JParty and Cosplayers.

More new groups, more daring, more colourful! The Jrock bands are a unique source of energy and hype in Singapore Street Festival.

There will be music, fashion, Cosplayers, crafts, goodies and food for all things modern Japanese could be.

A whole day event at the park, visual vibrancy and excitement fills the air. Do come and find out more about the J-culture, join the flow!

Be a budding entrepreneur? Be a fashion designer in the making? You make the guess! Take part in the Cosplayer Matsuri competition. Come June when it all comes together - at Singapore Street Festival - D' JParty in the Park 2005! See you there!

Find out more about the Cosplayer Matsuri competition here

Source: http://www.singaporestreetfestival.com/highlights.html#djparty

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