Czech Model: 29 Sep 06 to 09 Sep 06

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Oct 30, 2003
Nude Inside:

It has been decided that both the Workshop Instructor and the Model will come on this period. Sorry for the change as Jana is ill and could not come on the 15 Sep 06 also Monika needs to prepare her schedule in Czech Republic to come here.

Here are a few changes:

The Workshop and the Outdoor Shoot which was originally scheduled on the 17 Sep 06 will change to 01 Oct 06 (Sunday)

The Workshop which was scheduled on the 15 Sep 06 will reschedule to 02 Oct 06 (Monday)

NB: For those participants who signed up the both the workshop and the outdoor shoot please check the date, I will be contacting you guys soon too................

For Private Shoot: S$300.00 per hour.

For Group Shoot: S$100.00 per photographer max 6

Repeat photographers will be given discount........

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