Customers/Passengers vs. Airline Companies

What should airline companies do when there's last minute cancellations?

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There have been numerous complaints against a company called T**** Airways, in recent weeks/months.

I think that this industry is very strange. Why?

When customers/passengers cancel/flights flights (w/o in advance of XX days), passengers will be penalised and will not have a refund.
But when airline companies like T**** cancel its flights, they never compensate people for the cancellation and only offer another flight.

Is this fair?

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Oct 30, 2007
who cancel on who? airline cancel and don refund or the customer cancel and expect airline to refund?

not oni tiger airways lor (wats so bad about saying their name???), even reputable airasia does it for so many time i'm wondering is it really worth the cheap tickets NOT to get the time u want...

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